Unexpected Outcomes

October 04

Have you ever had one of those periods in your life when you looked around and found the scenery wasn’t quite what you expected? After traveling a short time down the trail you stumble upon something that wasn’t listed in the guide books and far surpasses what you expected to find during the journey, and you begin to wonder how did I get HERE?

After reading “EMS social media: Why get involved?” in the summer 2011 issue of NAEMT news, I realized there was a whole world of fellow providers to connect with. I joined twitter, began reading blogs that I had never seen before and connected with providers from around the world. I had tapped into the passion of EMS providers, and I wanted in.

After a few weeks debate over whether I could add something to the treasure trove of knowledge out there, I decided to give it a go – after all we do all have a unique perspective to offer. I picked a name for my blog and I typed and I typed and when I was done with that I typed some more… I’m pretty sure Mom enjoyed those first few posts (although she is admittedly biased). Then something happened – a comment, then some feedback, now a subscriber, and another and another… wait people are actually READING my ramblings?!?

(That first comment was from Ambodriver – THANK YOU Kelly, a welcome from you meant a lot to me, and the fact that you didn’t suggest I find a dark stinky place to shove my opinions was encouraging.)

Today I look around and realize my dive into the social media world took me further than I ever expected…

Little old me- here at EMSBlogs – WOW

I wonder if this is how those people on American Idol feel… someone told me once I could sing – what the hell I’ll try out – what I’m going to Hollywood ?!? Holy crap, now what?!?

For the sake of your hearing and your sanity, I’ll avoid posting any clips of me singing – trust me you appreciate that more than you know.

So here I am standing in the middle of that big stage, spotlight firmly fixed; trying hard to make my voice come out of a glottic opening that seems way smaller than it was an hour ago.  Today the keys seem harder to press, the screen seems brighter and the blinking cursor seems way more impatient then usual – I’m sure that will slowly fade as I get more comfortable in the new house.

I have followed the “heavy hitters” of the blogosphere – Rogue, AD, and Gfriese just to name a few. They taught me how little I really know, they showed me how to become the medic I want to be when I finish school, they inspired me to challenge myself to be better, to learn more.  While I don’t consider myself to be in the same league as any of them, I hope you find something in my ramblings that challenges you to be better, that inspires you to grow on a professional level – if along the way ONE provider becomes better for having read something here – I’ll consider the effort spent a wise investment in the future of EMS.

Please come on in, pull up a seat, kick off your shoes and get comfy, there’s cold ones in the fridge. While you are here, take a moment to poke around, there’s some really good stuff hiding in the closets.

Most of all say “HI” or offer an opinion if you have one… I’m equally interested in what YOU have to say.



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