Endings, Beginnings and the Quest for the Disco Patch

September 18

So in less than 24 hours The Quest for the Disco Patch begins… First things first for my non EMS friends who read this blog as well as my unenlightened brethren who are sitting with a puzzled look wondering what the hell a disco patch is and why in the world would anyone want to start a quest for one… This is the disco patch

And if the old saying is true that a picture is worth a thousand words, there is no need for me to explain why it is sometimes called the disco patch. (It would be more true if you could tell that the gold thread is all glittery)

I knew as I got closer and closer to the actual start day of school my anxiety level would begin to ratchet up (and I was right 😉 ) So I decided to work as much as I could the last few days before school started… this resulted in me working 78 of 96 consecutive hours – I know it sounds crazy but it served a two-fold purpose, first it is good training for the demands and lack of sleep the upcoming year is certain to be filled with and it kept my mind from running through the imaginary scenario of the first night of class over and over again. (How I’m going to feel about an average of 2.5 hours a night of sleep over the past 4 days by the end of this weeks classes remains to be seen)

SO now you are wondering why my anxiety level was ratcheting itself up so much right… (maybe when I’m too old for EMS I’ll go into mind reading) Every single person I have ever talked to has described p-school with same word “hell” – the length of time has varied, the adjectives before hell have changed (some wholly inappropriate for our little discussion here) but the word hell has been in every description I have heard. I didn’t choose any p-school either I chose one that was competitive to get into and is renowned for its difficulty. The medics that work for the service that runs the program are the US Marines of EMS providers locally. SO in my estimation that at least doubles the challenge level of school.

I am a planner, I like to take a list of obstacles and plan for how I’m going through, over or around each of them to get to the destination, while I have a general idea of the obstacles (cardiology, pharmacology, pathophysiology and scene management) I have no idea at this point in what order or how long of a time frame I have to master them. For me that is VERY unsettling. Throw that onto the above mentioned stuff and maybe you will glean a shred of understanding into the ratcheting stress level.

Some good did come out of it though, I had a very interesting discussion with one of the firefighter medics in the station I worked in this weekend. She pointed out what in her opinion were some of the “weaknesses” an EMT who works in a system like mine are likely to have going into to P-school and strategies to overcome said weaknesses. This was all helpful information, the particular department my service is quartered with are among the best fire medics I have ever worked with so her advice was both appreciated and respected.

A friend pointed out to me as well today “You do realize that today is the last day you will ever be “JUST” a basic (emphasis hers not mine)” While that thought hadn’t actually crossed my mind I suppose they were right, starting tomorrow “I am Paramedic student” not that that isn’t still “just” a basic, but they were right somehow it is different (in my mind at least)

The text is sitting on the desk – the first 4 assigned chapters (due the first night of class) have been read (for those interested below is our main text and work book)

Let the quest for the Disco Patch begin…


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